Learn to Unclog Drains in the Kitchen

  • Kitchen Sink Clog Prevention
    Learn to Avoid a Costly Call to a Plumber with these Handy Hints and Tips

    When it comes to clog prevention, all you have to do is avoid dropping certain things down the drain. Kitchen sink clogs frequently build up over time, slowly restricting water flow until eventually the drain is blocked. Other times something particular has been washed down the drain and is clogging the pipes.

  • How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink
    Don’t Panic! You’ll have flow restored in no time.

    Kitchen sinks can become clogged from food residue building up over time, or from an accidental dump down the drain. Either way, the clog has to be dealt with before free flow can be restored. It is helpful if you know the location and composition of the clog exactly, but most methods will still work even if you do not.

    You have three options for clearing your clogged sink. You can use a plunger, a drain auger, or no tools at all.

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