Drain & Sewer Jetters

Water is sprayed under extremely high pressure, clearing and cleaning drains and pipes

Hydro jetting is a modern and extremely effective drain and sewer line cleaning technique. The insides of all sorts of pipes can be washed thoroughly clean of build up and blockages, with the debris rinsed away by a large volume of water.

Professional drain servicing businesses will have industrial sized units capable of delivering hundreds of gallons of water quickly at several thousand pounds of pressure per square inch. These are extremely versatile tools, with applications beyond just clearing home plumbing. Like the home-use pressure washer, there is no limit to the new uses that are being found, which include demolition, HVAC conduit cleanout, blast cleaning, the clearing of paths for the laying of fiber-optic cable, and the breaking of new ground for remote-operated camera exploration.

Alongside the brute force of water sprayed at several thousand PSI, successful drain and sewer jetting depends on computer-aided-designed precision machined nozzles delivering the water to the greatest effect. The cutting force of even home washer powered jetting systems is tremendous, and they are capable of clearing just about any obstruction.

Hydro jetting is ideal for situations where build up on the interiors of plumbing is considerable and extensive. Home drains are susceptible to slowing blockage of many kinds, all of which are easily and thoroughly handled by drain jetting. Whether the blockage is typical grease and oil, more uncommon bacterial build up, or the locally problematic accumulation of mineral deposits from hard water--drain jetting completely rinses the interiors of pipes. This is in some contrast to the plumber's snakes, which can clear a path but often leave parts of the pipes totally untouched.

Jetters can even deliver enough cutting power to blast away intrusive tree roots and dirt encroaching into underground pipes. While the nozzles at the end of the reinforced hoses spray clean the surrounding area, they also shoot water backwards, providing a thrust and rocketing the cleaning nozzle further down the drain, pulling the hose behind it.

Some systems even come equipped with video cameras to send back a picture to the machine operator, allowing for visual inspection of otherwise inaccessible spots.

There is no doubt that hydro jetting is one of the newest and most effective methods for clearing out pipes and plumbing. Units sized for industrial use are being joined by newer devices meant for the home do-it-yourselfer as the technology is developed and improved. Homeowners who have a pressure washer already should know that with the proper attachments they could also have an effective drain maintenance tool. Those looking for a drain service to handle their maintenance for them should ask if hydro jetting is one of the services offered by the business.