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  • Neiko Super-Power Plunger Review

    Neiko Patented Heavy-Duty All-Angle Super-Power Plunger

    The essential plunger made better: more powerful, more versatile and more effective!

    Product Description

    Super-pliable industrial-rubber cup with tiered ridges forms ultra-tight seal on any size drain. The heavy-duty steel handle allows for maximum pressure forced down drain to source of clog. Designed to work effectively at any angle for hard-to-reach, low-clearance applications.

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  • Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

    Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

    Comfortable grip: convenient handle with a wide, ergonomic knob

    Product Description

    Drip-free design: hold the housing beneath the plunger to catch drips. Snap-in base: plunger locks into the housing for neat and clutter-free storage. Stainless steel accented housing: neatly stores plunger out of sight.

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  • UNISAN Dual Drain Plunger Review

    UNISAN Dual Drains Plunger

    Reversible plunger tackles sinks, showers, and toilets!

    This inexpensive yet heavy duty in construction plunger fits all types of drains

    This plunger has recieved top ratings from all ages at Amazon! If the most important consideration for your plunger purchase is versatility and utility, then this is the plunger for you. No frills two-piece construction with solid parts and materials means this plunger will be there when you need it!

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  • Waxman Yellow Mini-Bellows

    Waxman Yellow Mini-Bellows

    Perfect for bathroom sinks and tub drains

    Product Description

    A sink and drain plunger with maximum plunging power for sink, tub, and shower drains. Small for easy storage, it cn be stored under the sink, or bath vanity. Ergonomic shaped handle to fits in the palm of your hand for easy plunging.

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  • LDR Bellows Toilet Plunger Review

    LDR 512 P3515 Bellows Type Cup Toilet Plunger

    Bellows Plunger constructed with a high quality bellows cup design allows for more pressure per square inch.

    This top-rated bellows plunger boasts many features, with few drawbacks

    The single piece of molded plastic forming this plunger means it can be easily cleaned under faucet or hose, if sanitation is a top priority. The plastic can be a bit stiff at first, on the other hand, making the plunger awkward to handle.

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  • Polder Dual Bath Caddy Review

    Polder Dual Bath Caddy

    Bath caddy neatly conceals otherwise cluttered necessities

    Polder's stylish caddy looks good, but tools lack effectiveness

    A combination caddy for included toilet brush and plunger, this product is for people who want the storage caddy option, but do not want to pay the higher price of the OXO Good Grips models. Most reviewers like the look, but wish they had gone a different route when they have to use the plunger and find it to be over-small and fragile.

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